Friday, 28 September 2012

boot loaders in LINUX


  • Boot loader is a piece of code that runs before any operating system is running.
  • Boot loader are used to boot other operating systems, usually each operating system has a set of boot loaders specific for it.
  • Boot loaders usually contain several ways to boot the OS kernel and also contain commands for debugging or modifying the kernel environment

GRUB ( Grand Unified Bootloader )

  • GNU GRUB is a very powerful boot loader.
  • features in GRUB : 
  • flexibility
  • GRUB understands file system and kernel executable formats, so user can     load an arbitrary operating system the way they like.
  • User can load the kernel just by specifying its file name and the drive.
LILO ( Linux Loader )
  • Is a generic boot loader for LINUX.
  • It will load the MBR ( master boot record ), into the memory, which tell the system which partition and hard drive to boot.
  • LILO is brought to life at boot time by running a tiny program , called the boot sector.
  • LILO creates a table which lets the boot loader locate the kernel files.
  • LILO is able to boot almost any OS.
  • Is a Linux boot loader that runs under DOS or MICROSOFT WINDOWS ( 95,98 Me only ).
  • It allows the Linux system to load and replace the running DOS / Windows without altering existing DOS / Windows system files.
  • It loads the Linux kernel into memory from a file.It also places various configuration parameters into memory , and transfers control to the kernel.
  • The kernels reads these parameters , initializes and runs , replacing DOS / Windows completely.
  • Is a boot loader for the Linux operating system which runs on MS-DOS / WINDOWS FAT file system.
  • It is intended to simplify first-time installation of Linux , and for creation of rescue and other special purpose boot disks.
  • SYSLINUX presents a simple text interface that cam be used to select between canned configurations defined in the configuration file and can be used to add parameters to the kernel.

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